8 reasons why Mallorca elopement is a great way to get married!

Doing a Mallorca elopement is an awesome idea! Actually, whether you're planning a huge multiday event or an intimate party, Mallorca is an ideal place for any wedding. The island provides everything that you can ask for in a Mediterranean location, from rocky clifftops, sandy beaches and hidden calas to luxury resorts and mouth-watering cuisine, which makes getting married on Mallorca an incredible adventure. Continue reading to find out why we think you should consider eloping on Mallorca!

And if you have already started to plan your Mallorca elopement, and looking for a wedding photographer, we invite you to get in touch with us!

1. Geographic location and access

The Balearic Islands are only a short flight from most European capitals and have great connections to bigger cities throughout the whole continent. This makes it perfect if you're thinking to combine your Mallorca elopement with a tour around Europe. Of course, Mallorca itself offers plentiful attractions so there's nothing wrong with planning a longer stay without leaving the island!

2. Sunny days all year round

Let's face it, no one wants it to rain on their wedding day! With its 300 days of sun, Mallorca is one of the top European locations for enjoying an outdoors celebration.

Hot summers and mild winters represent the usual weather of this Mediterranean island. Between June and September Mallorca enjoys long sunny days and cloudless skies, with only a few raindrops. May and October, though slightly cooler, still provide lots of warm days (and significantly fewer tourists!).

If your priority is not a perfect beach weather, one of the options would be to plan your Mallorca elopement on a weekday in November or March. During, those months the tourist traffic decreases to a minimum and it's much easier to have a popular location just to yourselves, whether for the vows or a photo session.

3. Variety of beautiful spots

Not sure which landscape you prefer for your Mallorca elopement? The island offers lots of breath-taking spots to get married. Cap de Formentor is definitely our favourite as, even during summer months, it easily permits to hide from the hordes of tourists and it offers spectacular views of the coastline (you'll need some comfortable shoes for climbing rocks though :) ).

The south and east part of Mallorca is where the big beautiful sandy beaches are, but they do get crowded when the weather is nice. If a seaside elopement in Mallorca is your plan, there are a few spots on the island accessible after a long walk or only by boat, that could fit the plan.

Prefer more comfort while saying your wedding vows? You don't have to sacrifice the stunning views. A great idea is to get married in one of the cute boutique hotels that are scattered across the island. A variety of accommodations have access to privileged views, whether you prefer the blue horizon of the Mediterranean or the greenery of Sierra de Tramuntana.

4. Wedding specialists who will help

Every year a lot of couples decide to get married in Mallorca. After all, it is a perfect place to tie the knot. Over the years a beautiful wedding industry developed on the island, full of experts that know Mallorca very well and know how to plan and execute the best wedding celebration. Whether you're looking for a celebrant, a wedding photographer, a planner or a florist, it's not so hard to find someone on Mallorca that exactly understands what you need.

We've worked with a great number of local professionals and can recommend you the best in the industry, just drop us a line!

5. Freedom in planning

This applies to most of the elopements, not only on Mallorca but is still worth mentioning. Unlike when planning a traditional wedding, every decision is really up to you! No need to think about what the guests will say, will they like the food, will they be comfortable, etc. You can just focus on both of you, and how you want your beautiful wedding to look like, the sky is your limit!

6. Amazing elopement wedding photos

So, you're saying your vows on this beautiful cliff on Mallorca, just before the sun sets, both of you madly in love, gazing into each other's eyes... who wouldn't want to have this moment captured forever?

Elopement photography got very popular in recent years and it's not a surprise. Having a beautiful couple in front of the lens surrounded by breath-taking Mallorcan scenery is most definitely any wedding photographer's dream.

The best thing about eloping is that there is no strict schedule set for anything, so any moment at any location could be turned to a photo session.

With that being said, have in mind that a great wedding photographer will know when to ask you for a pose and when it's best to "be invisible" and give you the intimacy you need. It's quite important to look for a professional that understands what is important for you and won't ruin the magic moment! After all, it's all about you and your adventure and not about the photos.

7. Cut down costs

Going for a Mallorca elopement rather than a big destination wedding will definitely save you some money. Think about not having to hire a wedding venue nor a catering company for starters.

This also means that you could possibly increase the budget for other things that are more meaningful to you - the dress that you're dreaming of, a bouquet with your favourite rare flowers, or the best wedding photographer to document the whole adventure. Or maybe you prefer to upgrade your hotel room and extend your stay by a few days, which brings us to the next and final point…

8. Honeymooning included!

Did we mention already that Mallorca is a perfect travel destination?? Whether you're looking for sandy beaches, water sports, mountain hiking, history, culture, nightlife, it's all here. We definitely recommend planning you stay on Mallorca at least a week-long to get to know all that the island offers.

We hope that this short article inspired you and made you imagine how incredible your Mallorca elopement could look like :) Pop us a message if you want us to accompany you on this wonderful adventure as wedding photographers in Mallorca.

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