We are a freshly married couple that recently went through all the things you are going through now :) Our experience tells us that it's very important that on your wedding day you surround yourself only with the people who help you and give you lots of positive energy.

For that, our rule number one is: Think first about people's experience and later about the portfolio.

Being in front of a camera is not so easy and we know that! It's crucial to us that you feel relaxed and comfortable. We will be there to help to organise the group photos and we will guide you through the portrait session to make sure you look your best. The rest of the day you won't see us much - we like to work unnoticed, taking lots of spontaneous, natural shots of you and your guests, without anyone being aware of the camera.

To see how we approach each wedding we invite you to check out some of our recent posts in the blog. And if you feel like we could be a perfect match for you, drop us a line and let's schedule a meeting! We would love to get to know each other and chat about your wedding plans :)


Huge thanks to Lorena and Jaume from Norwud for their help with these shots :)

Us by York Place Studios Us by York Place Studios

Pictures of us on our wedding day by super talented Dom and Liam from York Place Studios