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Film wedding photographer Lake Como - Analog & digital photography in Italy

Hello! We are Paco and Aga, film wedding photographers in Lago di Como, Italy and other European destinations. We're guessing that you're interested in incorporating analog photography into your weddingday and we're thrilled you've decided to explore our film photography portfolio.

Analog photography has made a big comeback in the recent years, and we are excited to offer it in our wedding photography packages. Additionally, we also shoot with digital cameras, ensuring the best of both worlds for your special day.

We love to photograph couples who want their wedding in Lake Como to be something more than a traditional event; couples that are passionate about their relationship and want to share it with their close friends and family. Whether you're planning a lavish civil ceremony in one of the luxury venues near the lake or a romantic church wedding in Milan, we would be honoured to accompany you at this amazing event.

Lago di Como offers an idyllic backdrop for weddings, promising you and your guests an experience to cherish forever. If you're drawn to a refined and artistic approach to wedding photography, with a preference for film's unique texture and depth, just drop us a line. We'd love to chat!

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What is the difference between film wedding photography and digital? Analog photography surely has its particular charm. For us, it's the little imperfections of film photography that slowly disappeared with the introduction of digital cameras. While we love modern technology, which gives us much freedom in trying various shots without worrying about the photo count, the analog film limits are the ones that spark a whole new level of creativity in us.

Do you only shoot with analog cameras? We use various cameras on the wedding day, both analog and digital. Throughout the day, there are many different situations, and each requires a specific approach. We leverage our knowledge and experience to decide which camera and settings are best in any given moment.

How many analog photos will I get? It depends on how many film rolls you'd like us to shoot. From each standard film roll (35mm), we deliver a minimum of 28 photos. To capture a variety of shots from different moments of the wedding, we recommend getting at least 4 rolls (that's 112+ shots).

Do you shoot color or black and white film? We usually split 50/50 between color and black and white film rolls, if possible. However, if you have a preference for more B/W or more color, we can certainly accommodate that.

Which analog film do you use? We use a combination of different film types throughout the wedding day, as no single type suits every situation. Our go-to film rolls are Kodak Portra, Kodak Gold, and Ilford HP5 or Delta, but we're also open to experimenting with other brands.

How do you deliver the film photos? What is the process? After shooting, the film is developed in a professional lab. Then, the negatives are scanned using a special film scanner. We deliver the resulting JPG files to you through your online wedding gallery. The black uneven frame you might see around some shots occurs because the scanner reads a frame slightly larger than the photo itself. This frame can be cropped later if desired.

Can we meet before booking you for our wedding in Italy? Absolutely! Meeting allows us to discuss your plans and understand what you're looking for in an analog film wedding photographer. If an in-person meeting isn't feasible, we're happy to arrange a video chat at your convenience.

We love the idea of having analog photography on our wedding! What is the best way to get in touch with you? Contact us through this form.